Glass Balustrade Installation

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Glass balustrades are the new trend instead of regular metal or wood balustrades. They can make any space look modern and stylish. This trend will become a classic as glass balustrades or fencing will never go out of style. It might look easy to install, but there is actually a skill required for it so unless you’re a professional glass balustrade installer, it might be best to leave it to professionals like ALS Glass Works to safely do the job. The glass balustrade that you buy might also be on warranty if only installed by a professional, so you can leave everything to them to do the difficult task of putting up your glass balustrade.


Before installing any glass balustrade, make sure you consult with the building code of Australia to make sure the structures you’re building onto are safe and solid enough to handle the weight of a glass balustrade. Also, it’s good to check if the thickness of the glass panes and the style of balustrade you choose is in line with the building code. You don’t want to take chances with safety in your home or commercial buildings which can lead to injuries or expensive lawsuits for you.


There are kits available for homeowners that are skilled in putting together glass balustrades. It’s important to read the instructions first and also check to make sure the size and measurements are correct before starting the installation process. If you have any questions about installation, call the manufacturers or trusted glass balustrade installers for advice.

Have the proper equipment available when installing glass. Make sure you have gloves, eye protection, and knee pads on. Have your toolbox handy with a measuring tape, pencils, drills, drill bits, level, chalk line, and the right screwdrivers or Allen wrenches.


The first step would be to measure out where your spigots are going to be. Measure the correct spacing of the spigot placements and mark the areas where they’re supposed to be. You can use a chalk line to make sure the spigot placements will be in a straight line. Drill holes where the connecting bolts or screws should be put. Drill the holes first and then install the spigots. Once the spigots are connected to the floor, you can straighten them out so the glass panes will not be crooked when put in. You can use a string pulled through all the spigots to help make sure the spigots are straight. One by one, gently put in the glass panels and then once one pane is sitting on the spigots, you can tighten the grub screws so the glass pane will not move. Avoid hitting the glass panels against each other as they can chip and break. Line the panels up so that there is even spacing between each panel.


The handrails should be installed according to the instructions. If you need to cut pieces to fit, take the measurements twice just to be sure because once you cut, it’s forever. Mistakes can be costly. It can mean you’ll have to buy more hand rail. Pre-drill holes in the walls for bolts or screws that will secure the handrails. Make sure all the screws and bolts are tightened for a solid installation. Tidy up any debris left behind by the installation and wipe off hand marks that have been left on the glass and you’re ready to enjoy looking at or looking through your glass balustrade.